No One’s Buying Ubisoft’s Garbage Ghost Recon NFTs

Oh, well I’m guessing I’m the one to review these pathetic Ubisoft NFTs. The first items that the publisher has put that are on blockchains, exclusive numbers for gamers from Ghost Recon Breakpoint, are not the most sought-after items. Not even that helmet that has the requirement of 600 hours of playtime.

Digits from Ubisoft. Digits make up a part of the Ubisoft Quartz “experience,” and instead of slightly different photos that show poorly drawn animals Digits are cosmetic items that are available in game that have distinct serial numbers.

The first offer, made available for free to users who have met certain playtime or account requirements, included the gun skin, which requires players to attain XP 5; a set pants that need to be worn for 100 hours and a mask available after playing for 600 hours playing an experience that was a complete mess at the time of launch.

The idea was that these limited NFT objects would eventually be given to players which could then sell the NFT items through one of Ubisoft’s licensed resellers, as well as

There isn’t any shortage. There are a variety of Ubisoft products available that are available on sale sites with prices that can go upwards of the digital currency Tezos equivalent to 400 000 U.S. dollars (One Tezos equals 4.02 U.S. dollars as of the moment of writing).

However, there aren’t many transactions taking place or even happening, and the ones which do occur aren’t nearly as costly. The authorized resellers both display a small amount of transactions that have occurred, and which amounts to 94.49 Tezos, which is approximately $380.

What is the reason for so few sales in an era of the energy-hungry NFTs in a spiral of chaos across the globe? In the first place, and I’m just guessing that just five players play Ghost Recon Breakpoint, give or take. Additionally, it’s likely that most gamers who use the game aren’t fan of tokens that aren’t fungible. Given the fan furore that caused S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 developers GSC Game World to announce that it would soon end their NFT plans, this is an likely scenario.

The third, and possibly the most important, Ubisoft created their Ubisoft Quartz program to ensure that only the players of the game NFTs are designed for can purchase Digits. This includes purchases from authorized reseller websites. To allow the average NFT buyer to purchase the Ghost Recon Breakpoint items, even from a person who is selling one, they must actively play Breakpoint.

There’s no reason anyone would like to take part in this game the way it is and so requiring non-players to spend hundreds of hours for the chance to “own” a helmet they are only able to sell to players who have logged hundreds of hours of effort that’s futile. What’s the point of all this when you could spend money on a shambling piece of art and walk away? If someone is looking to speculate there are many more affordable and more lucrative NFT alternatives to make that happen.

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