Market Reacts to Elon Musk/U.N. World Hunger Squabble

Market Reacts to Elon Musk/U.N. World Hunger Squabble

Elon Musk’s capability to change markets and international organizations through the power of a tweet has, at the moment, become a legend.

On October. 31, Tesla ( (TSLA) The Tesla (TSLA) Get Tesla Inc Report) and SpaceX businessman challenge the World Food Program’s claim that 2percent of Musk’s wealth which is roughly six billion dollars — can help solve the world’s hunger completely.

Moving one more step, the CEO pledged to dispose of all his Tesla shares if they were proven to be wrong. He began selling a small portion of 170 million shares he held within the next couple of months.

The following day, UN food program director David Beasley responded with a hyperlink to a 1000-word overview detailing the ways in which $6.6 billion could be used to provide food over 40 million individuals in 43 countries that are facing food insecurity.

“This crisis of hunger is urgent, unpredictably and avoidable,” Beasley wrote in the tweet, which included Musk.

The debate was closely watched by Twitter users who weighed on whether billionaires like Musk should do more to combat the world’s hunger.

Popular self-help expert Tony Robbins wrote that, instead of making vague assertions about how millionaires can help everyone should realize that the global burden as “all of our the responsibility of each of us”

However, as many others have said, people who have a net worth of the hundreds of billions of dollars have more responsibility to solve global issues. This is due to the fact that their wealth is usually tied to materials or labor in the nations that are experiencing these crisis.

The discussion shifted to the taxation of billionaires and the way that Musk’s reticence in removing Tesla ( (TSLA) Shares – Get Tesla Inc Report) shares shows that he is able to readily part with the cash required to tackle global issues in the event of being motivated or seeking to demonstrate that something is true.

“We are living in a time where you could be able to lose $50 billion within two days, but still be $83 billion richer than the second highest-income person on the planet,” California House of Representatives member Ro Khanna posted via his twitter account. “We require the creation of a wealth tax.”

The “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” actor Charisma Carpenter has written that the cash Musk invests in space exploration and space tourism could be put towards the less glamorous problem of hunger in the world.

“Rather rather than hiring brilliant teams to be rocketman Why not employ teams of genius minds to come up with the best way to end hunger around the world … yourself?” Carpenter posted himself on Twitter this Tuesday.

Perhaps the debate about the amount of billions needed in order to lift people from hunger has started to cause a stir on Twitter.

“You are aware, Elon Musk, 5 billion people may not be enough to end the world’s hunger problem, but it certainly could be a huge help!” Florence Eaise wrote on Twitter.

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