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Two games in, Bolts have yet to show Colorado their best

Two games in, Bolts have yet to show Colorado their best

It’s not a game that you can’t lose in the near future, but it’s as close as you could be able to. The Tampa Bay Lightning enter Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final trailing the Colorado Avalanche 2-0 and hoping to bounce back by playing an opening home match of this series.

“They aren’t seeing our greatest. “We’re excited. In two games in the two games, the Lightning hasn’t been as consistent as they were. The defensive zone breakouts have proved to be difficult. The turnovers have been creeping back into the game. They’ve not been able to sustain much space-time in the end of Colorado’s.

They’ve been here before. For the Eastern Conference Final, Tampa Bay has beaten in the opening 2 games on its road, before coming back to win four straight games against their opponents the New York Rangers to advance to the Stanley Cup Final.

However, the series was different. About halfway through game 2 in the series against New York, the Bolts began to discover their game. In the second game against the Avalanche, The Lightning didn’t find their game. Tampa Bay recorded just 25 shots and just 16 shots in the goal, while Colorado scored 50 shots, with 30 of them in the goal. The Bolts were defeated 7-0 to Colorado in the most unremarkable playoff games of recent memory or perhaps ever for this group.

However, ultimately, all can change with a victory at the end of Game 3. The Lightning will enter tonight’s match with a record-setting seven-game winning streak in the home arena during the playoffs. Vasilevskiy has played in all these games, and seven consecutive wins in the playoffs at home is a record high for him. The Bolts are a superior team at home and will require the backing of their fans more than ever before tonight.

“It’s always good to be home,” said Lightning head coach Jon Cooper. “The one thing I always tell our players is that ‘just that we’re in AMALIE Arena, that does not guarantee that we’ll be able to win a hockey game.’ To Tampa Bay, staying out of the penalty area should be the main aspect of their game prior to Game 3. The Lightning was in the penalty box during Game 2, and after they conceded the power-play goal, they were required to play a chase throughout the game.

The goal of 5-on-3 that Colorado scored in the first game was a major goal. While the penalty for Anthony Cirelli was a questionable decision but the Bolts were in the penalty area in the beginning. The importance of discipline is in the postseason, especially with the power play the Avalanche are using.

The most important thing is that the Lightning have to improve their form. As we’ve mentioned before in the previous paragraph, the Bolts haven’t been playing like themselves in their first two-game of this season. After six hours of playing in Colorado, the Bolts returned to their home on Sunday, and the players had the luxury of sleeping in their personal bed, enjoying the home-cooked meals, and, now, playing before their home supporters.

Tampa Bay has seen virtually every scenario in the last many years during the postseason. The experience gained must be utilized to help them get back in this series, however, it will only be taken to a certain extent. It’s all about going out on the ice, and doing what you can.

“We’ve been in these spots before,” Cooper explained. “You’ve to draw from your experiences, but not as a justification to claim that”just because we’ve been through the experience, we’re bound to be victorious or be successful..’ The Avalanche are a swift team. Tampa Bay needs to make them work hard for their ice, and then travel all the way to the 200-foot rink in order to make the most of their chances.

When Colorado is descending downhill from their zone, they need to look out. It is crucial that the Bolts take their pucks to the deep end and forecheck with a lot of force, hold some time in the zone and ensure that they make the Avalanche fight for their chance.

There were too many odd-man rushes breakaways, and Grade A chances. Game 2 was not pretty, however, in the playoffs, it’s all about turning the page.

“We can’t rely on the past,” said Maroon. “We’ve to concentrate on what we influence. This is Game 3 and how we react. “We have a good veteran group in the locker room that knows how to play the right way and understands where we’re at and what situation we’re at.”

Another thing that Lightning must be focused on a Monday evening is shooting quantity. There aren’t enough pucks being thrown on Darcy Kemper. The Lightning is ahead between the pipes, and they need to capitalize by making more shots to the net. The Bolts might not have Brayden Point tonight following Jon Cooper labeling him a game-time decision early on Monday morning. The point has returned to the starting lineup in Game 1 in the very first game since suffering a lower-body accident in the seventh game of the first round. He was not present at the skating in the morning for the Lightning. You must be grateful to Colorado. They’ve been able to do a fantastic job in shutting Tampa Bay down to this point. This could change tomorrow.

Just one win to stay in the race. What is better than at home with ice? The adjustments need to be made and the game’s execution must be improved, but I’m expecting this to be the greatest game in the series for the Lightning to date.