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Mobile gaming startup Homa Games raises $50 million

Mobile gaming startup Homa Games raises $50 million

A few days after Voodoo bought Beach Bum, another French mobile gaming company has some news to reveal. Homa Games is raising a $50 million Series A round that is led by Northzone. Homa Games partners with independent game companies and is an editor.

Other investors who are part of today’s funding round are Singular, King, the founders of FuboTV as well as Daniel Ek’s office for his family. The company has raised this Series A round only seven months after it raised the first round of seed capital (led by Headline and Eurazeo).

Particularly, in February of 2021 the company announced that it had managed to deliver 25 million downloaded files. The number has doubled since the company has provided 500 million downloads.

Homa Games specializes in hypercasual board and casual games as a subset in the game-on-the-go market that requires a meticulous and technologically-driven strategy. Homa Games has designed its own technology system that maximizes the game’s performance.

Game developers can create an initial prototype using Unity and then submit the prototype the prototype to Homa Games. Following that, Homa Games can test the capabilities of each prototype and figure whether it’s worth investigating further.

The company has created an all-in-one SDK that allows developers to optimize their mobile applications with analytics and A/B testing to transform it into profitable business. They can monitor and improve the most crucial indicators of the business – costs of acquisition and retention, and sessions times. Of course it will result in higher average revenues per user.

Homa Games then takes care of publishing the game to both the App Store along with the Play Store. It is heavily dependent on advertisements to bring in revenue.

The thing that is interesting is that you don’t need to wait for months or even years crafting the ideal mobile game. In the present situation of mobile games that are hypercasual game designers concentrate on one principle which will cause you to want to play the game repeatedly. The entirety that is Homa Games’ success that has been able to rank within the top 20 of most downloaded games on both the App Store along with the Play Store was made in 8 days or less.

“Their platform provides every game developer or independent studio the power of permitting them to access publishing tools, analytics and marketing to compete on an equal playing field with the big game studios around the globe. Daniel and Oliver do not just have an idea, but also an incredible execution, which is helping them to define and create an entirely new genre within the gaming industry,” Northzone’s Par-Jorgen Parson stated in a statement.

As of now, the Homa Games has already released forty games. However, Homa Games is increasing its release rate, and 20 games are expected to be released at the end of 2021.

The company is currently working on a sub-genre called hypercasual games. Homa Games call this the “arcade idle” genre. Similar to many hypercasual games the game features a non-textured stickman-like character that moves through the virtual world. As in idle games players need to collect resources to boost their wealth and unlock higher levels.

This is how it appears similar to it does in Craft Island, Farm Land in addition to Harvest It:

According to the blog article, the company is planning to make money off these games by way of advertisements or in-app purchases, as well as subscriptions. Users can also opt to play an ad in order to go faster.

I’m not sure if we should be celebrating this type of technology in the first place, or not. But it’s evident that there’s a lot of potential for business with mobile games. Also, Homa Games seems well-positioned to be a prominent publisher.

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