chakravartin ashoka samrat

“chakravartin ashoka samrat”The story starts with Chanakya; who recently had a dream in which Chandragupta Maurya (in the form of a lion) appeared and foretold him about the danger approaching the Mauryan Empire. Meanwhile; Bindusara is ruling the vast Mauryan Empire from Magadha through Patliputra. While on the other hand; a game of conquering the throne of Magadha and the entire empire is being played by Helena; who in this process tried to kill Bindusara numerous number of times but remained unsuccessful due to the sheer presence of Chanakya.The show later-on focuses on the life of young Ashoka; who got guidance from Chanakya in tough circumstances. Chanakya also believed that Ashok will be the great ruler of Magadha because of his selfless nature and his oath of serving motherland till his last breath. But Ashok never wanted the throne as he thinks that his brother; Siyamak will be the perfect ruler for Magadha. wikipedia

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